SIA “EkoStandarts tehnoloģijas”

was founded on 15 October 2003

Since the very beginning the Company presented itself as the market's leading manufacturer of green technology. Over time, the Company has grown and evolved, moving with the times by adapting to all political and economic changes. We have witnessed the progress of people and businesses' green thinking, when wastewater treatment devices for private homes were just a whim of healthy people and now a common household feature. It was a time when new populated places appeared on the map, which needed wastewater treatment, followed by an ambitious water management in Latvia's towns and villages, thanks to the EU funds acquisition opportunities.

Currently, more attention is devoted to customer education by organizing seminars, training, sharing experience, giving good and not so good examples. Through communication with the production company representatives, we have determined that a lot of work is to be done in the field of industrial wastewater. Manufacturers have realized that, for the longevity of their business, investment in the environment may be comparable to the costs of production process provision.
We continuously work to find balance between quality and price, since the currently available wide range of supply may confuse the customer, setting the price as the benchmark, while quality is left in the background.

The Company plans to invest in the establishment of an internal laboratory to be able to test all produced equipment, setting forth the most strict quality criteria. It will provide the opportunity to test equipment intended for export, putting emphasis on the closest EU and CIS markets. With the help of a laboratory we will be able to develop a solution for every manufacturing facility individually.
We are particularly pleased with our customer base of more than 1000 loyal costumers, we are proud of our professional and passionate team, we are grateful to our partners, as well as opponents, all of which help in making Latvia a greener place.