Drainage construction, development, rebuilding, connection to a central drainage system

What is drainage?

Drainage is a set of civil engineering structures and measures for the organised collection of wastewater at source and transferring thereof by pipelines to treatment plants for treatment, disinfection thereof, as well as disposal of minerals and release into natural water bodies

(a quote from the book “Ūdensapgāde un kanalizācija” by V. Lediņš).

SIA “EkoStandarts tehnoloģijas” (Building Company’s Registration No. 5051-R of 29 June 2007) offers the following construction services:

  • Assembly, construction, reconstruction and commissioning of wastewater treatment equipment
  • Assembly, burial and connection to central pipelines of pumping stations
  • Engineering network construction of external drainage
  • Construction and reconstruction of filtration areas;
  • Development and construction of a rainwater collection and drainage system;
  • Construction and connection of external water supply networks;
  • Drainage connections to a central drainage system;
  • Groundwater lowering and pumping;
  • Construction, reconstruction and assembly of industrial wastewater technological complexes;

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