Renovation of wastewater treatment equipment, pumping stations

Repair, reconstruction, renovation of wastewater treatment equipment, pumping stations

It is possible to save money! How? You don't necessarily have to buy new treatment equipment! SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas” offers to renew existing treatment equipment, pumping stations, carries out restoration or replacement of treatment equipment components. The Company guarantees the compliance of the treated water with Cabinet Regulations No. 34 “Regulations regarding Discharge of Polluting Substances into Water” and provides a warranty similar to new equipment, as well as full-service maintenance.
Before deciding on reconstruction of treatment equipment, SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas” offers technical examination of existing treatment equipment under Cabinet Regulations No. 337 of 30 June 2015 on the Latvian Construction Standard LBN 405-15 “Building Technical Examination”. Article 4 of these regulations clearly lists the cases when a technical examination of a site is required:

4. A building shall be examined:

4.1 periodically during operation in accordance with its use under regulations and standards governing technical maintenance of buildings;
4.2 prior to the development of a building renovation, reconstruction or restoration construction plan, also prior to the preparation of minimum composition of the construction plan or the drawing-up of documentation for the simplified façade restoration to determine the extent of damage to the building, as well as the compliance to the purpose of the building and existing laws and regulations;
4.3 prior to construction resumption (after a break);
4.4 in other cases requiring the determination of the technical condition of a building.

Sites and treatment equipment repaired and reconstructed by SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas”:

  • Small-scale treatment for private homes, offices, cafés, increase of capacity thereof, as well as capacity decrease and energy efficiency improvement;
  • Large-scale treatment equipment for manufacturers, municipalities, apartment houses, villages, increase of capacity thereof, as well as capacity decrease and energy efficiency improvement;
  • Rebuilding of Soviet biological treatment plants BIO 25, BIO 50, BIO 100, BIO 200, decrease of capacity thereof, as well as energy efficiency improvement and modernization;
  • Reconstruction of oil separators, treatment efficiency improvement;
  • Reconstruction of existing grease separators, treatment efficiency improvement;
  • Reconstruction, modernization, energy efficiency improvement of pumping stations, pump rooms;
  • Reconstruction, adjustment, modernization, energy efficiency improvement of production facilities, treatment equipment complexes.

Additional activities and services offered by SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas” related to treatment equipment reconstruction:

  • In addition to technical examination of sites, the Company offers to develop new technological solutions, perform feasibility analysis;
  • With respect to the technological offer, we provide development of a construction project of a minimum composition;
  • Dismantling of old equipment and disposal of materials;
  • Standard technological inserts assembly for biological treatment equipment with a restored housing or tank;
  • Components repair or replacement of treatment equipment (aerators, aeration systems, air blowers, firms-time settling tanks, secondary settling tanks, aerotanks, bioblocks, air lifts, pumps etc.)
  • Installation of additional programmable PLCs (programmable logic controllers) in the automation of the renewed treatment equipment.
  • When renovating existing treatment equipment, installation of SCADA system in the control panel of the treatment equipment, enabling treatment process visualisation directly in the treatment equipment;
  • Installation of GSM modules in the automation of the treatment equipment allowing for continuous information reception regarding damage to the treatment equipment.
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