Seminars, courses, professional development of construction specialists, construction managers, designers, real estate (village) managers, municipal utility engineers, environmental specialists

SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas”, besides internal training of the Company's experts, offers both paid and free courses and seminars to all interested persons and experts related to drainage and water supply networks, utilities, treatment equipment design, construction, installation, management, as well as monitoring and control.

With the entry into force of Cabinet Regulations No. 610 issued in Riga on 7 October 2014 “Regulation regarding Competence Assessment of Construction Specialists and Supervision of Independent Practice”, which include:

40. Construction specialists are obliged to:

40.1. each calendar year to increase his/her professional competence in accordance with the list of subjects and volume of competence improvement measures published on the competence testing authority's website, completing professional development programmes, which meet the requirements of the Vocational Education Law , attending informative seminars and performing other competence-rising measures in the field, speciality and scope specified in the certificate;

SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas” offers refresher courses for builders, designers, including individually designed professional development programmes related to general design and construction issued at stake, as well as in-depth technological processes of drainage treatment equipment.

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