Since its very beginning (2003) SIA ‘’EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas’’ offers service and maintenance of treatment equipment.

At first maintenance was offered only to biological wastewater treatment equipment, manufactured by SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas’’, and there was only one service team. However, as the Company developed, there are already 3 service teams available since 2009.

SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas’’ offers a service agreement to both existing customers and equipment manufactured by the Company, and the Company has accumulated a lot of experience with other manufacturers’ treatment equipment not provided with treatment equipment service. Water treatment equipment service agreement is entered into with natural persons, who have biological treatment equipment for households, and municipalities, who are equipped with biological treatment equipment for villages of up to 200 m3/dnn, as well as legal persons, who manage high-rise residential buildings, private estates, industrial sites, hotels, guest houses, cafés and other facilities.

Contact the experts:

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Maintenance work includes

  • Visual inspection and defect detection of treatment equipment, drawing-up of a defect act, advice to customers on the most appropriate technical solution;
  • Standard measurements of biological treatment equipment (sludge concentrations, dissolved oxygen measurement, pH determination, air blower throw measurement);
  • Equipment maintenance and cleaning in accordance with each equipment’s operating conditions (cleaning of receiver basket from mechanical impurities, pumping of frontal settling tanks and excess sludge, inspection of air lifts, air distribution systems and aerators, and, if necessary, repair or replacement thereof);
  • Efficiency test of air blowers and, if necessary, repair thereof, filter and oil change, as well as replacement of air blowers while repair is being performed.
  • Inspection and programming of wiring, switchboards and automation;
  • Renewal of equipment operation and delivery of activated sludge;
  • Preventive inspection and service of pumping stations, pump repair and replacement of pumps while repair is being performed;
  • Preventive maintenance of grease separators, grease pumping and disposal;
  • Preventive maintenance and service of oil separators, oil pumping and disposal, replacement of filter elements;
  • Maintenance, cleaning, rebuilding of infiltration fields;
  • Cleaning, repair, replacement of sewer pipes, manholes, distribution wells;
  • Analytical sampling of inflow and outflow water and transfer thereof to a LATAK accredited laboratory.

Benefits to customers when entering into a service agreement with SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas”

  • The customer gains cooperation with a manager who is able to work in any region of Latvia, receiving 24 hour customer service (including weekends and holidays), will respond in the shortest time possible, will solve problems of any complexity and in any emergency;
  • Upon conclusion of a service agreement each customer is addressed individually, taking into account the peculiarities and specificity of each site, and flexible payment conditions are provided.
  • For biological treatment equipment (manufactured by SIA “EkoStandarts Tehnoloģijas’’ only) treated water outflow is guaranteed, which is in compliance with the provisions of Cabinet Regulation No. 34 Regulations regarding Discharge of Polluting Substances into Water”.
  • Fair treatment and service support in situations where the operation of treatment equipment is disrupted due to the customer’s own fault (improper operation) or impartial third party’s fault, for example, in case of a longer-lasting power interruption.